Nov 4, 2008

Tuesday Tip Day

Making Soap Last Longer

Have you ever wanted to make your bars of soap last a bit longer? Are you tired of finding your soap all soggy in the bath? Do I have the solution for you! I like to unwrap my bars and place them in a bucket. Whenever I purchase a pack of soap I just unwrap all of them and drop them into a 5 gallon bucket. Don't place the bucket lid back on the bucket. Just take a towel and drape it over the bucket. This will help keep dust and particles off the soap. Let the soap sit and it will slowly dry out. It will become very hard and may crack but it is ok. When you want to use your soap just grab a bar and use it like you normally would. You will be surprised at how much longer a bar of soap will last. It won't get that soft sliminess to it. It will also help down the road if you have to grate soaps to make your own laundry detergent. I have a big 5 gallon bucket full of hard soaps ready for use at anytime.