Nov 20, 2008

Food Storage Friday

Canned Meatloaf

For those of you that don't know me I can alot of things myself. This last weekend we made meatloaf and we had some extra meal left over so I canned it. I just stuffed it into the jars just like I would my canned hamburger and processed it for 75 min. for pints and 90 min. for quarts. We opened on up today for lunch and it was great. Add some mashed potatoes and a side, walla you have a meal.


Hobley said...

I had no idea you could can meat. i stumbled upon your blog and find it very helpful! i've been married a little over a year now and am just starting my food storage. Right now it only consists of some store boughten cans and a big bag of flour. i'm glad i found this blog because i'm not really sure where to begin on getting food storage. all that excess food cost alot. i'll look forward to more posts!

carmen said...

Did you add bread or cracker crumbs to your meatloaf mix prior to canning?

Nichol said...

Carmen, No you never want to use bread or crackers when canning. You simply use your hamburger and spices, Katchup etc. Hope that helps.