Oct 21, 2008

Why do I need food storage?

You might be asking this very question, wondering why you might need food storage. Well here is a list of ideas why you might consider having at least 1-3 months of food supply on hand:

  • Boy Scout Motto: Be prepared.
  • Major snowstorm strikes your area. You are snowed in for day.
  • Hurricane/Major storms hit and there is no other food supply for days or for miles.
  • War closes down transportation of food and supplies.
  • Flooding and/or drought affect the crops this year and production is not what it should be to meet demand.
  • It costs a lot to go to the store everyday - Especially with the high gas prices.
  • If you have a sudden craving, you could probably do something about it if you had food storage containing your favorite ingredients.
  • Debt doesn’t allow you to purchase much food for a month or possibly longer.
  • Loss of job or income.
  • It’s a good idea to have food on hand.
  • Our church leaders advise it.
  • And last, you could sustain life, if you needed to because you were prepared