Oct 23, 2008

Red vs, White

Many of you have been asking me what is the difference between white and read wheat?
White wheat was introduced into the US in the early 90's. It has the same nutritional value as red wheat. White wheat tends to be lighter in color and in its texture. I love making pizza dough and french bread with my white wheat. It always comes out so lite and much more airier than when baked with red wheat. I always bake my bread with white wheat. White wheat is naturally sweeter than red wheat and this means we don't need as much sugar. I do prefer my cereals and bulgar to be made with the red wheat. It has a nice nutty flavor and isn't as sweet if I am adding it to soups and as a meat replacement or filler. If you havent had the chance to use white wheat I would go out and buy some and just experiement.